How to Partition a Windows 7 Hard Drive

How to Partition a Windows 7 Hard Drive

It is possible to repartition your Windows 7 hard drive from within Windows 7 itself and it is a quite simple operation. This screencast takes a look at what is involved in this quite simple…
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  1. Thanks a lot it was very simple. Grateful to for your help.Please inform
    that will it be default operational for downloading software as is C
    drive.Because I want to down load Canon printer soft ware

  2. you’re the man

  3. May i know why is the dialog box shows that the size available shrink space
    in MB is ZERO?I AM confused!!HELP!!

  4. very useful..,

  5. is it normal that the shrinking takes a very long time?

  6. i have 886gb free out of 931 yet, i can only shrink c drive to 490gb? i
    want it to be about 200gb

  7. I have a question. Lets say I have a separate HDD that i use for videos,
    etc..can i partition that, load windows 8.1, and then boot up with that?

  8. Thank you.
    Hi from CANADA.

  9. like it

  10. thanks dude !!!

  11. you`re awesome dude! thanks

  12. thnx bud for the help

  13. why does mine warns me of converting a basic disk to a dynamic disk then
    says that dynamic disks are not supported in my system? i mean, i did all
    you instructed but when i’m trying to format the unallocated space, the pc
    prompts the statement above?

  14. awesome n thx

  15. Awesome good info 

  16. Very useful, thank you very much!

  17. tnhank you veryy very much admin

  18. I am having an issue in my external 4TB HDD after creating a partition of
    100GB. When I right click on it, all option are disabled except properties.
    It is showing 100GB Unallocated and cannot be formatted. Pls help.

  19. For +Sarah Cylon and anyone else looking to set up a dual boot between win7
    and Linux. This step 2.

    How to Partition a Windows 7 Hard Drive

  20. 1 Person got a thrashed disk xD

  21. i have windows vista and when i try to shrink volume it says i have zero
    size of available shrink space. i have over 150GB free on my computer. what
    can i do to have shrinkable space?

  22. Super.. i like it.. So mach.. super job..

  23. What happens if i choose format? What will it delete?

  24. The Operation you selected will convert the selected basic disk(s) to
    dynamic disk(s). If you convert the disk(s) to dynamic, You will not be
    able to start installed operating systems from any volume on the disk(s) (
    Except the current boot volume ). Are you sure you want to continue ? What
    to do ?? 0_o

  25. Thanks a lot.

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