How to Optimize/Fix/Repair Windows 7/8/Vista/XP registry/boot/startup/freeze problems.

How to Optimize/Fix/Repair Windows 7/8/Vista/XP registry/boot/startup/freeze problems. All windows systems experience problems over time. Many of these issues such as registry errors and boot problems can be fixed with …
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  2. windows troubleshooter NEVER EVER worked for me………

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  5. +HeidiMuster then you can fix it now buddy :)

  6. Oh nvm solved tyvm :D

  7. what should i do if there is a problem is preventing the troubleshooter
    from starting?

  8. Which programmes do you want to prevent from running at startup?
    I only have the “GoogleToolbarNotifier” omgggggggggg howwwww

  9. There is no troubleshooting on windows vista. Fuck you

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  17. This helped so much! This is really great, I’m a film maker and the tools I
    use on my computer slows down my computer by a lot! This definitely
    optimized my performance!

  18. had a problem with my windows but thanks to you I finnally fixed it!

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  21. dude that was actually really good! Glad i watched!

  22. really nice video dude and it really work my pc is sow fast cause of this

  23. i have the windows 7 and this actually worked on it too

  24. Wow, what a coincidence! My windows 7 broke last week and I still don’t
    have a clue how to fix it!

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