How to Open Internet Explorer in Windows 8/8.1 Mode / Desktop Mode

How to Open Internet Explorer in Windows 8/8.1 Mode / Desktop Mode

STEPS ====== 1. Open Internet Explorer and go to “Tools” and open “Internet Options”. Go to “Programs” tab 2. Under “Opening Internet Explorer” click on “Mak…
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  1. But what if I don’t want to make it my Default Browser?

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  4. dude awesome video! always wanted internet explorer in the windows 8 mode.
    great help. thanks

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  6. help when I go to programs tab thing it gos away and sends me back to
    general how do I fix this


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  9. How do I close the address bar?

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  16. thanks it works i have been trying to fix for yrs

  17. I tried this, hoping it would work.. but I don’t even have an internet
    explorer tile on my start screen…. I think it un-installed itself
    somehow. HELP ANYONE?!

  18. This technique worked for. Me the first time I tried second time around
    didnt :(

  19. how can I make ie win8 mood the default browser (not the normal ie)?

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  21. 100 % Working Thank You So Much 

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  25. I hate when you fucking idiots don’t speak, just press buttons and expect
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