How To Make Windows 8 / 8.1 Amazing (Optimize for GAMING)

How To Make Windows 8 / 8.1 Amazing (Optimize for GAMING)

Here is a guide I put together on how to optimize (optimise depending where you are from :P) windows 8 or 8.1 (this guide will work for both) for gaming, or …
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  1. Am i the only one who’s fine with Windows 8.1 as it is?

  2. I have no option to remove my default windows logo thing, and when I click
    my windows button on my keyboard, the default windows 8.1 takes me to the
    tab, how to I make it so that it goes away and I can use “pokki”? Look –




  3. How To Make Windows 8 / 8.1 Awesome? Install Windows 7.

  4. Oh my god why do people press apply then ok. Ok works too and it saves a
    bit of time!

  5. Windows 8 does NOT IN ANY WAY have a slight advantage over 7 or 10.

    No start menu
    No Windows Aero
    Fullscreen apps that don’t run in windowed mode
    S***ty Metro UI
    Stupid logo

    It just looks like they tossed a bunch of squares and text together to make
    an ugly piece of crap that missed the trash compacter and incinerator and
    atomic bomb.

  6. I’m having a horrible issue on my desktop. On Windows 7, playing Far Cry
    3, constant 90-110fps. With Windows 8.1, a little lower but not too big of
    a deal, except when I aim using the mouse… When I move the mouse, the
    FPS drops to like 45, but when I aim using a controller, it’s fine. That
    never happened in Windows 7… Help?

  7. Hi, I’m new to this channel. So far I like the vids. I just have one
    Why didn’t you include services.msc as a way to optimize windows even more ?
    In my experience, disabling (or setting startup to manual) unnecessary
    services can gain great results. Combined with the settings you show would
    make the windows 8 a lot smoother.
    Also, some services are really buggy and can cause problems on certain
    I know because I resolved a few problems my friend had on his laptop, and
    while googling for the solution, stumbled on many solutions that included
    disabling certain services (like WindowsSearch service in my case).
    This site: explains
    services for each windows and it helped me a lot, especially for my old
    toaster rig that needed every MB of RAM available to function properly.

  8. Windows 8 / 8.1, my new platform of choice (until win 10 gets stable). Here
    is a guide on how to make it awesome.

  9. So much asinine hate on a good o.s. , asinine comments like the
    Darklockedoutofcommonsense youtuber below me( notice I said good and not
    badass or excellent. It has its required tweaks just like EVERY version of
    Windows before it. Stfw. Get over yourselves). Grow up kids. Your
    ranting about ” waaa.i hate 8..waa” just shows your laziness and ignorance
    OR “CHOSEN” STUPIDITY. Classic shell..ENOUGH said.

  10. Screw you guys, I’m running Windows 10 Technical Preview! HAHA! Like if you
    are too..

  11. I so want to go back to Windows 8.1 but i had problems with memory. After
    like 30 minutes of playing games my memory jumped on 100% and PC almost
    freezes, fps in games droped to unplayable state.
    I have i5 4670K, 8GB DDR3 1866MHz, GTX 770 and Samsung Evo SSD 250GB.
    Now i don’t have with Windows 7.
    My friend has almost identical system but with 16GB of ram and he has the
    same problem that i had. I tried a lot of tweaks and fixes that i found on
    the forums but it didn’t help.
    Any ideas ?

  12. This dudes grease level is OVER 9000+1000+5000=21

  13. Windows 8? Amazing? You’ve got to be kidding me. Not in a lifetime.
    0:04 is true. Everything else is crap.

  14. Batman: Arkham City at the beginning?

  15. Tonight I sleep a happy man.

  16. That start menu is pretty bad. I don’t know why anyone would not use Start
    Is Back. Much more natural and familiar. I also didn’t hear a single thing
    in this video that “optimizes” Windows for gaming. Seems a bit like click
    bait to me, if I’m being honest.

  17. In win7 (I still have it) its optimal to turn off core parking in order to
    get optimal usage of HT (only with i7s), when it is possible. Otherwise it
    just messes up cpu usage and that will cause microlagg, just to spare 5
    watt power consumption.. is there such a thing on 8.1?

  18. Great video but since you made this windows has the start button but no
    home button next to it, so i now have in effect the pokki start bar button
    and the proper windows 8.1 button both with the same button anyway round
    this? thanks :)

  19. use startisback+ its the best start menu in win 8 most likely. Not as cool
    as the one that will be in 10, but this one looks exactly like 7, I mean
    exactly, and its not even an overlay startup program, once you install it,
    it becomes part of your operating system. Actually pokki looks sweet too,
    but for people who complained, I dont want 8 because no start menu, Im
    gonna stick with 7, then they should get startisback, because it feels like
    7 now. To be honest, the OS is better in 8.1 than 7, i mean far better,
    except the start screen of course.

  20. I’m more than happy with Windows 10 .. it’s getting better and better with
    every update.. i recommend the preview edition for everyone!

  21. can you help me ?? my pc is dell 3546 notebook..although having intel hd
    graphics driver installed my pc image looks fuzzy or smogged…wherever the
    image is opened whether through internet or on my computer look like a vga
    image while my desktop having the less resolution than pc has a clear even
    very clear picture….what is the matter?? i am so worried….help me

  22. if you would able to make the latency issues solved, many people would be
    very much appreciate it man, hope you can make it lower than 100 at dpc
    latency checker. many people having a problem with this issues regarding
    live streaming music and video.

  23. Nice video your wallpaper is cool plz give me link

  24. Would this be good for a non gamer, but someone that uses Adobe Ps Il etc?

  25. Subscribed just for the Boba Fett poster! Great Video!!

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