How to Install Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

How to Install Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

Use the App Studio account to get Windows Phone 8.1 Preview instantly. More at
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  1. Use the App Studio account to get Windows Phone 8.1 Preview instantly

  2. I installed it but I am still in WP8

  3. i live in the US and installed it but by doing so, ive lost all voice
    command features and there is no cortana. Lumia 928.

  4. How large is the 8.1 update? How many mbs?

  5. I got windows 8.1 updation, Thank you

  6. i follow all step ~ but i cant update to 8.1 , still at 8 only ~

  7. Sir am follows your instruction and try to update windows phone 8 to 8.1
    and then my phone automatic switch off and starts the reseting progress i
    thought i will get my wp8.1 but i am wrong when my phone boot up my windows
    phone version is still 8 and when i go to phone update it shows you need a
    wi-fi connection to update..

  8. i have got the update and its working, no cortana as i am in india, and the
    store doesnt work anymore :/ any idea why? and how i can fix it?

  9. There is two parts to the update for 8.1 go back to settings and phone
    update and let the phone look for the actual 8.1 update the first part was
    and update to get the 8.1 update

  10. what kind of nokia lumia is that?

  11. I have a doubt..i have updated it to windows 8.1(my lumia 720) n its
    working fine..but i have read in some sites that nokia features won’t be
    available to this this update is permanent or we have to update
    once again when the official update roles out..

  12. I don’t have cortana at all? I live in australia

  13. how can i register as a developer…when am sign in to my Microsoft
    aaccount it shows you must register as a can i do that
    please help me

  14. If i install this on my 1020, will i be able to get the full update of 8.1
    later in th summer ????? 

  15. you have to sign into microsoft twice. plus when i did the update it said
    it might install it to an earlier version. nor does it say its 8.1

  16. as of 10 minutes ago i could download the update (australia)

  17. if u install this preview, when the official update does come will we still
    b able to download it?Pls reply

  18. this will void my warranty r8?? i don’t want to lost my warranty :( . whn
    the official update vl be rlsd??

  19. i`ve gone through the procedure…after downloading it is showing something
    like “The update was downloaded,but couldn’t be opened. ( 80188253)”….plz
    tellme hw to over come this

  20. pls…help me…..i update my phone…but its keep restarting…..nothing
    happning…..just restarting …..just shows nokia icon on screen….i m on
    520……pls help me…..pls rpy when you get dis…pls

  21. I got it working on my Nokia Lumia 920

  22. How to update to Windows Phone 8.1

  23. Thank you..sir now i know how to update wp8 to wp8.1..i just need a wi-fi

  24. Hey victor..cortana is only available in u,s.

  25. how can we register as a preview developer for free

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