How To Install Windows Movie Maker On Windows 8.1 2014

How To Install Windows Movie Maker On Windows 8.1 2014

Simple tutorial that walks through you the entire process of installing the free software, Windows Movie Maker on to your computer. This is for Windows 7, 8,…
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  1. If it doesn’t work, just get Vegas Pro.

  2. is this epensive? please anwser

  3. Thank you so much !!

  4. It did not work for me! After the blue thing popped up, at 1:38 It said i
    was done. I never went through the process of unchecking the boxes and
    stuff. and after the box popped up that said i was done, a few minutes
    later another box popped up that said it did not download correctly, with
    the options of ‘reinstall using correct settings’ and ‘this program
    intalled correctly’ What do i do? 

  5. Thank you so much! I can continue making videos now, much thanks friend!

  6. Does it works with windows 7 vista

  7. Hi there – what is the difference between WMM and Windows Live Movie
    Maker? which is better?

  8. Thanks U R the best

  9. It just said “learn more” instead od download…

  10. does it work on windows 7?

  11. Does this program cause any virus because I got a windows 8.1 and it got
    fixed from virus a month ago 

  12. Hi,

    I’ve some questions; do you experience with .netframe installation issue?
    can we burn the result into the DVD disk just like on win7 ?

    Thx, Indra

  13. Thank you very much! I gather this is the latest version of Movie Maker? 

  14. That looks like the same as the Windows Live crap. Where is the time line?

  15. Short and sweet. Thanks.

  16. I’ve installed it but it’s no where on my pc and i use windows 8.1

  17. Now You Have 5,006 Subcribers. and Thank you

  18. what to do when it sais you already have the last version of windows
    essentials but movie maker isn’t on your computer?

  19. why does it say 2012 tho

  20. Unfortunately it only starts when in windows 7 mode (i have windows8.1),
    but when running in windows 8.1 – just normal – it allways says that i
    don’t fit the minimum…..

  21. tysm for you help Sub whoot thanks <3 I was trying to find one of these
    omfg but ty ty ty but 1 thing does it has a virus just asking to make sure?

  22. Restart your computer for me :(

  23. im watching this video cuz my friend is an idiot

  24. how can you add gif pics to put on movie maker while making the movie?

  25. Mine doesnt work?? 

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