How to: Install Windows 7 on a MacBook Air

How to: Install Windows 7 on a MacBook Air

I delete a Windows 8 Professional 64-bit partition and then install Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit along with Apple’s Windows drivers on a 2011 MacBook Air us…
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  1. *Windows 7 Loader Activator*
    Click Here:
    *Windows 7 Loader Activator*

  2. It didn’t work for me.. it says; Enter your- Windows – installation disc
    and wait a moment
    I don’t have an installation disc it’s an macbook air :(

  3. my windows freezes on installation, the keyboard and any usb devices
    doesn’t work so I can’t proceed. i have a mba 2013

  4. it worked thanks !! useing windows 7 ultimate on macbook pro id used up
    200gb for it

  5. is there a way to install windows on a sd card and switch to windows when
    needed somehow?

  6. my macpro has bootcamp windows but it doesn’t work anymore, I want to
    remake a new one, so I decided to remove the old one
    but in 0:38, I dont have the first line “create a windows 7 install disk”
    and my third line is blurred
    somebody can help me?

  7. hi where can we get I good working copy of bootcamp assistant please

  8. DJ Hicks for me it keyboard and mouse doesn’t work when I try to enter my
    name. Help me out mate!

  9. if i boot camped my mac could i go back to maconish and still have all my
    same stuff or does it all go away. Like on my normal computer i have 2
    minecraft servers and i don’t want to loose them and have to learn how to
    make it on a pc. The only reason i would do this is to get the sims 4. Is
    it worth it or should i just wait till ea makes sims 4 for mac? Help

  10. question. did you notice your computer got slower after you boot camped it?

  11. Thank you! Helped alot!

  12. for me it I tried the remove windows 7 thing and it didn’t work it said
    your disk could not be restored to a single partition

  13. who the fuck would install windows 7 in a macbook……, i mean
    like…….thats why its unique

  14. since I have a macbook air like you I don’t have a disk drive to download
    windows 7. would there be an option for a code to enter in? bc I’m lost if
    I have to insert a disk of any kind..thanks

  15. thank you, this helped a lot

  16. this wasnt very helpful… i was looking for a video on how to actually
    install it…

  17. 4:32 when i type next button , it show “setup was unable to create a new
    system partition or locate an existing system partition” , is there any
    solution ? thanks so much

  18. I have the Windows 7 backup disc for my PC. Will that work? or should I
    purchase it from MS? Thanks. ( I appreciate your honesty…Thanks )

  19. Do you have to restart the computer to switch between windows and mac

  20. what if i want to keep the window 7 or 8 on the mac can i be able to
    transfer files?

  21. And where do you get the product key when you first log in to windows 7??

  22. My install windows 7 (the 3rd options) in Boot Camp is grey and I couldn’t
    tick the box, can anyone tell me what I should do? thx

  23. How do you get the windows disk?

  24. Do you need the USB you had?? And if you need, why?

  25. How would I be able to play fifa 14 on a macbook? 

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