How to Install a SSD and Load Windows

How to Install a SSD and Load Windows

If you’re like me then you’re fed up with the slow speed of your hard drive and want to upgrade to a solid state drive. Well in this video I’ll show you how …
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  1. erm you know in the modern world we do have a thing called CABLE MANAGING.
    It’s the best!

  2. that cable management

  3. How to Install a SSD and Load Windows:
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  4. Quick question; do standard mobos come with the SATA III cords to connect a
    SSD or do I have to buy them separately?

  5. Hey there I’ve got an question !
    I’m planning to upgrade my pc so I’m probably gonna buy samsung 840evo 120
    And motherboard will be MSI Z97 pc mate and my question is

    The ssd says that is SATA 3 and the motherboard says that supports 6x SATA

    All i want to know is what does that mean and will that motherboard be able
    to run it or whatever

    And also there are SSD’s that are saying that are SATA 3 6Gb/s thats makes
    me confused anyone help a little ?

  6. How do I run two SSD’s one 256GB and one 128GB or just two 128Gb without
    running RAID 0 ?

  7. Do you have to purchase the SATA Cable separate or is it likely to be
    included in the package? 

  8. I’ve 850 pro of 256 gb ssd. when i config to AHCI and reinstall win 8.1 on
    it, everythings works fine.
    But after next restart after bios load it gives me error says, “no bootable
    device found!” (priority already set to ssd) and keep restarting until i
    reconfig ssd to IDE mode and reformat it again!
    why? Solution plz.

  9. so what happens to everything that was on my HDD? right now i only have a
    1TB HDD with about 700gb of data on it, i want to add an SSD for windows
    and some games.

    after i install win on the ssd, if i leave my HDD plugged in will
    everything still be there? like downloads, pictures, documents, etc? and
    what will happen when i remove windows from the HDD? id just have to
    re-install my apps? 

  10. I am Using a Gigabyte H81M-S1 motherboard.. It has 4 Sata sockets,I dont
    know my motherboard is supports SSD or not..But It is mentioned in it that
    it has 2 x SATA 6Gb/s connectors (SATA3 0/1)
    and 2 x SATA 3Gb/s connectors (SATA2 2/3), What does it means I can
    Install HDD AND SSD in SATA3 0/1 connectors And DVD rom in other?

    so can I Install SSD?
    Please help me..

  11. is it ok if you don’t partition your ssd?

  12. Bro, just wanted to thank you and Linus from Linus on NCIX, followed what
    you guys did step by step and installed the SSD. For someone like me it is
    actually a HUGE achievement.

    Thanks for the video.

  13. Do we still have the drive space as the old HDD or do we only have enough
    space as the SSD gives us ??? 

  14. Is it necessarily for me to unplug my HDD when installing Windows 7 on SSD?

  15. The speed of a drive makes is slow, you just need a hard drive with a
    higher cache speed. Age doesn’t make a hdd slow down.

  16. so say if i dont have a windows disc….. is there a way to just transfer
    windows over to the ssd?… when i bought my comp it never came with a disc
    for windows it has a built in recovery thing

  17. ‘Dat Cable Management, Tho!

  18. About four years ago, I built up a PC with dual fiber drives using a fiber
    controller with built in cache RAM. This type of drive is much faster than
    a regular SATA hard drive. But, nothing will beat a good SSD drive. It is
    very important the SSD drive is properly set up, or it will have reduced
    life span.

  19. You must know this.
    There is absolutely NO POINT in changing the boot options if your just
    gonna hit f12 and boot from the CD manually….

    If your changing the boot options your changing it so that it boots
    AUTOMATICALLY from the CD. If your gonna select it manually via f12 then
    there’s no point to changing the boot options.


    You also don’t need to create partition or anything… Just select the
    drive and click next. It will do it automatically.
    Unplugging the hard drive wouldn’t conflict with anything…

  20. so if i bought my drive before watching this i am screwed? dam. i am so
    sad that i wasted my money and time. guess i’ll throw my ssd away.

  21. I know it might sound nooby but I’m new. So you only have one or the other,
    I’m really confused

  22. my only and original HDD is sata3, does it make any difference in speed if
    i’d installed a SSD sata3?

  23. fantastic ty so very much and you explain it so well so good even i can do
    this now lol,

  24. So does it mean that i have to reinstall everything?

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