How to get Windows 8.1 for Free or for Dirt Cheap! 2014/2015

How to get Windows 8.1 for Free or for Dirt Cheap! 2014/2015

This is my 2014/2015 guide on how to get Windows 8.1 or 8, for Free or for Very Cheap! This video will show you 5 methods on how to get windows 8.1 either fo…
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This maintenance guide, will keep your computer In pristine condition for years to come!
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  1. If you guys didn’t know already, if you get windows 8.1, you can upgrade to
    windows 10 for free when it comes out. 

  2. You guys are gonna love the next few videos I have planned for this channel!
    And as always, thank you guys so much for watching my videos! It helps me
    out so much in making content for you guys!

  3. For all of you guys who have a pirated copy of Windows in this comments
    section, I’m gonna exploit you guys for committing illegal acts :) 

  4. Big news! You can upgrade to windows 10 for free if you already have
    windows 7 or 8/8.1 installed!

  5. I’ll stick to pirated version cause it’s free

  6. You really should do a video about PC myths. I’ve been hearing the same
    things over and over by “uneducated people”.

  7. basically you need to be a college student for the last 3 right?

  8. Did you know that torrenting windows isnt illegal? Just getting the key in
    a legal way.. So that thing he said about going to a friends house blah
    blah blah, couldve been avoided by torrenting windows, and buying a key?

  9. 50 dollars is dirt cheap?

  10. You going to tell me what santa is bringing you yet lol?

  11. Personally I’m going to stick with Ubuntu until Windows 10 is out. 

  12. I need the internet’s help. I’m not that good with PC builds, and I have
    trouble with pcpartpicker because the names are shortened a bit. Could
    anyone help me? I know I want an intel core i7, 12 gigs of ram, and a
    decent-good graphics card (I’m willing to upgrade later) Overclocking would
    be nice, but I don’t need it that much. The games I’m looking to play are
    next gen at medium to high, or even ultra. My price point is about 1000.

  13. Heres a step by step tutorial:
    1. Get utorrent
    2. Go to the piratebay
    3. Search for Windows 8.1
    4. Press enter
    5. Click on the page
    6. Click the magnet link
    7. Seed it until done
    8. Take the iso and mount it
    9. Done

  14. ScatterVolt OMGF you saved my money thanks u so much since I couldn’t get a
    good monitor for $150 since I have a $1700 build so it was not gonna be
    balanced but now I can spend $250!!! omgf thx u so much dude.

  15. College student here, and I might major in Computer Science, so the last
    option sounds good.

  16. Great video man, I’m a student of Computer Science at the University of
    Hull. Its great that I can get free copies of Windows and other software!
    Beats paying for it :D

  17. ScatterVolt I Need Your Help. I Getting A PC And I Was Wondering If You
    Could Tell Me If Everything Will Fit And Somethings You Would Change 😀
    Thanks Love The Videos. You’re The Go To Man For Computers For Me 😀
    Processor 1 x Intel® Core™ i7-4790K Processor (4x 4.0GHz/8MB L3 Cache) –
    Intel® Core™ i7-4790K
    Processor Cooling 1 x Corsair Hydro Series H55 Liquid CPU Cooling System
    (Copper plate for best cooling performance) – ARC Dual Silent High
    Performance Fan Upgrade (Push-Pull Airflow)
    Memory 1 x 8 GB [4 GB x2] DDR3-1600 Memory Module [B85] – Corsair or Major
    Video Card 1 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 – 4GB – EVGA Superclocked – Single
    Motherboard 1 x MSI B85 G41 — 2x PCIe 3.0 x16, 2x USB 3.0, HDMI
    Power Supply 1 x 750 Watt – Corsair CX750 – 80 PLUS Bronze
    Primary Hard Drive 1 x 240 GB Kingston V300 SATA-3 SSD — Read: 450MB/s;
    Write: 450MB/s – Single Drive
    Data Hard Drive 1 x 1 TB HARD DRIVE — 32M Cache, 7200 RPM, 6.0Gb/s –
    Single Drive
    Optical Drive 1 x LG 14x Blu-ray Re-Writer, DVD±R/±RW Burner Combo Drive –
    Sound Card 1 x 3D Premium Surround Sound Onboard
    Network Card 1 x Onboard LAN Network (Gb or 10/100)
    Operating System 1 x Windows 8.1 + Office 365 Trial [Free 30-Day !!!] 64

  18. Ehh umm one of my PC’s has a pirated version of Windows 7 and I just needed
    to activate it once and now its completely activated forever…

  19. What’s the intro music?(Please no Darude-Sandstorm replyes)

  20. Which is the best $700 gaming PC? I was considering buying a cyberpowerpc®
    Zeus Mini.

  21. A Windows Loader will solve the activation issue for Win7. BUT, genuine is
    still the way to go.

  22. Im sure there are some people on here that could answer this question 😀 So
    im building a gaming pc and i need answers lol
    Is this computer a good setup to run games on max settings, like BF4 or
    CoD? Thats the link to all the spec. im
    planning on getting this computer for christmas

  23. Pirating is totally worth it, your friend did it wrong. You need Daz loader
    to unlock windows 7, it makes windows think that your motherboard came from
    the OEM, and allows an OEM key to unlock it. Windows 8.1 Pro is also
    unlockable with KMS activator (same on that activates Microsoft Office).
    Only thing that stops people is paranoia about viruses.
    Btw i don’t condone pirating, its bad guys ;)

  24. Mark…Using the G2A method are you able to make a bootable usb drive using
    that key code?

  25. Well your “Friend” obviously wasn’t very knowledgeable as they are many
    easier ways that getting a fake key each month, such as DAZ activator (Win
    7 only) or KMS activators. Also you don’t need to go to a friends house to
    use his/hers windows 8.1 disk, you can get the legit .iso file form
    Microsoft and then make a bootable USB with it OR a DVD/CD. Also for
    activating windows 8.1 you can get activation keys online for free if you
    now were to look and also how to use them.

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