How to get windows 8.1 for FREE 100% working Torrent Version

How to get windows 8.1 for FREE 100% working Torrent Version

How to download windows 8.1 for free? This will Video will tell you how to get windows 8.1 for free! Have fun. Comment, rate and subscribe. world’s 1 BitTor…
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  1. link wont work please help

  2. +Duck you can a any DVD and insert it and right click and format/ erase.
    After burn on it (image file)

  3. I dont want to kill my computer. is this safe?

  4. will you still get wifi

  5. Will this clean (remove) everything on my Hardrives? Obviously not the
    external one, but the one’s built into the machine?

  6. any need of activision ?????

    or key ??????

  7. when i try to install windows it goes but then it says it couldnt validate
    product key and stops installing

  8. Hello, im building a pc and was going to use a method like this to get my
    OS. Would this work on a new pc? I would put the OS on a disk and load it
    on the pc but im worried it wont work! can you help me? Thanks!

  9. the product key i validate?

  10. Ty so much this is already activated too guys it worked perfect for me

  11. After i Downloaded and mount it and click the set up its not installing and
    booting.. please help .

  12. downloading now..hope this works mate !

  13. Thanks for this :D

  14. Øjuovjgjgfhtfyt its workinggggg!!!!!!

  15. It is 32 bit

  16. will i have to install antivirus again for my computer if i have installed

  17. i downloaded it and burn it on my usb but when i opened it it said
    something about the key anyway it failed to open because of the key ,, i
    waited for 2 DAYS to download on torrent and after waiting it doesnt open
    ?!! “i wanna die”

  18. Is this a trial like after 90 days it goes away or is it the real full

  19. how is about windows 8.1 32 bit??? i will help now… hey! +WinsowsWiz 

  20. i hoop it works

  21. if i have windows 7 32 bit this will make it windows 8.1 64 bit

  22. how to burn it?

  23. Link broken SSL error

  24. i dont get that win8 file, i get a torrent that says “PACK” and theres an
    office and win8.1 presetup thing, with an IOS file, i mounted it and ran it
    but it started up then i clicked next and it loaded for a while then said
    error with keycode. Can someone help me? my skype is SuperSk8terboyz

  25. The link says that it doesn’t work :(

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