How to get the desktop version of skype! (windows 8.1)

How to get the desktop version of skype! (windows 8.1)

the song you have been listening to during the video is Nilow-neoplitation Dreams (Dubstep remix) this will also work for windows 7 /vista/xp/windows 8 but i…
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  1. I am so thankful for the amount of views on this video :-) might do an
    updated version with better editing and a comentary

  2. this video is really us-full thanks.

  3. where the fuck is setting on skype 8.1? why dont they make it simple

  4. thank u im tired of going to minecraft then going back to skype thanks man
    + 1 sub and like

  5. Bro, Thank you so much x_x The new Skype for 8.1 is just so bleh

  6. Thanks Pony, it worked :)

  7. i love you man 

  8. song?

  9. Thanks I didnt even have to watch the video but thatnsk for the url! :)

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