How to get Stereo Mix in Windows 8.1

How to get Stereo Mix in Windows 8.1

Yes i activated it and i will show you how to get Stereo mix to let skype people hear your sound what your listening without getting bad quality Drivers Link…
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  1. I will post a new better version when i’m ready to. With more autotune
    functions 😉


  2. Did someone hit you with a horse tranquilizer or are you just falling

  3. You’re very slow

  4. Are you comatose?

  5. Ouwe………… dankzij jouw video heb ik nou een probleem met mn windows
    opgelost waar ik al sinds mijn overstap naar 8 mee zit te kutten. Wie had
    gedacht dat t zou simpel zou zijn zeg, tering! JE BENT EEN BAAS, RESPECT!!

    But you must your english well a bit bijspijkeren maat, if I so honest may
    be. 😉 TNX!!!!

  6. Wait what do you do……

  7. Nein ich bin van Nederland (The Netherlands)

  8. thanks bro!

  9. Thanks, man. Much appreciated.

  10. Thansk I subbed to you.

  11. Thanks so much! Been missing my stereo mix since I built a new PC!

  12. Kzie dat je nederlands bent, maar bij mij komt het niet tussen disabled
    opname aparaten staan

  13. tips speed up with 1.5

  14. Are you high? xD

  15. Slido for Win 8.1? HOW?

  16. I love such a high person like you.

  17. thanks man now I can make dubstep :) 

  18. just listened to it for the accent.

  19. nice one. thanks mate

  20. l have installed but still doesn’t appear.
    fgs don’t ask me if l enabled the disconnected and disabled devices, that’s
    stupid and gay

  21. I don’t have the stereo mix :(

  22. i played this video in the background and forgot about it. i found your
    voice strangely calming.

  23. it downloads 5 hours

  24. I am very thankful for this tutorial Sir.

  25. Kommst du aus Deutschland? xD

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