How to Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine (2014 free windows activation)

How to Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine (2014 free windows activation)

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  1. #youareawesome ­čśÇ who agrees..i am going to get windows 64-bit now
    FINNALY I CAN TRY THE PREVIEW FOR WINDOWS 10 if any1 wants to download
    windows 10 contact me and i will give you the link´╗┐

  2. i can’t able to download windows loader bcoz it is having virus

    and in my computer properties status there is no error showing about
    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me´╗┐

  3. i can’t able to download windows loader because it is having virus.
    can anyone help me how to download this windows loader or any other
    software instead´╗┐

  4. +Sicarius Nex fix it using MBR Regenerator, it will resets your windows 7
    activation to 30 days trial.
    Download link :´╗┐

  5. how can i know what my SLIC/Certificate and Serial is?´╗┐

  6. Anyone that tried it, is it a virus?´╗┐

    for life? i mean activated for life or i have to do this again if it return
    to not active? Thanks again.. :)´╗┐

  8. hi, can you help me, i dont know what my SLIC & certificate. where can i
    find this on my computer? ´╗┐

  9. cant download this window loader. antivirus detects threat in here. can you
    help me in other way sir ?´╗┐

  10. Thank´╗┐

  11. You’re a life saver dude.. thank you so much ^_^´╗┐

  12. you saved me time and money. thank you´╗┐

  13. Thank you very much , this worked !´╗┐

  14. dikec kamo vse facha jak blesk :-)
    Everything works as it should
    thank you from the Czech Republic of´╗┐

  15. Thank you so so much…. this is the only genuine link that i could find,
    rest are other videos share all malicious links… thanks a ton bro :-D´╗┐

  16. Help Me Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the pop-up is showing “The certificate
    Wasn’t Succesfully Installed” :(´╗┐

  17. Thank you it really works perfectly :-)

    And sir, is it okay if we update the windows after using the remove wat?´╗┐

  18. Im downloading this right now buts its like taking a long time hope its not
    a virus :( i will reply to this if it works i think the download is frozen
    ;( HELP ME :((((´╗┐

  19. Hi mr.ezz firstplay can you help me how to download this program Windows
    Loader,i click on this link… but i
    don’t know where to click to download,he doesn’t starting directing to
    download?Can you send me link where to download or something for the
    program where to pick up?I need this program please.´╗┐

  20. I have logged on Youtube for thank you, and say to everyone that works
    (19/10/2014). You just have to fix the problem (when you had made the
    “crack installation”) 0x80004005 following the 2nd point of the guide.
    Thank you! ´╗┐

  21. It might just be my computer is that messed up however I am unable to open
    the “Show More” thing to get the links I mean I know they are there however
    I cannot get to them is there anyway you could paste the links into this
    comment I know this is asking a lot but it would be greatly appreciated ´╗┐

  22. Sorry got a question is the Windows Update safe ? :)´╗┐

  23. there was me thinking this would never work but still did it anyway,
    thinking it would break my laptop and i’d have to buy windows again.. but
    it worked and i couldn’t be more happy, it’s been about 3 months since my
    windows suddenly ‘wasn’t genuine’ but i’m so glad i’ve fixed it now.

  24. thank you buddy your great :) can i use the windows update?´╗┐

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