How to fix Google Chrome won’t open – Windows 8.1

How to fix Google Chrome won't open - Windows 8.1

How to fix Google Chrome won’t open,many people trying to do it but I find non of them works (for me) so I decided to help you guys.
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  1. If you guys want more tutorial like these, put your suggestion in the
    comment below and I will make that as soon as possible. THANKS YOU. 

  2. Oh thank you SO much. It wouldn’t open and I feared having to use internet
    explorer which never loads right.

  3. This was helpful and so EASY! I had already gone to task manager but only
    ended the task for one Chrome, but it turns out I had four or five others
    running! Until I clicked “details” I didn’t know I could have more than
    one. So I ended the task for all of them. Then I opened Chrome again and I
    am fine!

  4. Thank you!!!!! I have tried everything and this is the only thing that

  5. OK it worked. thanks so much. I’ve had this happen with Quikbooks too. I
    think it’s a problem with 8.1.

  6. Hi man, i have problem, i can’t to install google chrome on win 8.1 i open
    installation but nothing happening… can u help me?

  7. OMG THANK YOU! I’ve been forced to use IE for the past week.

  8. didnt work :/

  9. Very good, it worked. Thanks!

  10. Thank you sir, this actually worked :)


  12. It still doesn’t work.

    I did what you say in the video but it still doesn’t work.

    My google chrome doesn’t open but still have the icon on the taskbar.

  13. OMG – You are my HERO! You are right, so much “stuff” out there and none
    of it works – I’ve been futzing and futzing with this problem for weeks!
    Thanks so much!!!

  14. Thank you so much this helped a lot

  15. Thank you very much. Couldn’t work out how to get chrome to open and have
    had this problem for a couple of days now. Good to know how to get round
    it, even if not how to fix it or what cause it in the first place.

  16. I have to say that was a great and straight forward tutorial thanks man :D

  17. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank

  18. Thank you for this video. It started up and worked perfectly.

  19. Really works

  20. Didnt find chrome.exe

  21. that did nothing

  22. Thank you very much! Worked for me:)

  23. wow this actually worked….didnt expect that…


  24. Thank you. Works in Win 7 also, but I had to close all instances
    individually. FYI: Before I did this I was first able to open Chrome by
    running as admin, but who wants to do that every time. Chrome suggested
    disabling antivirus temporarily, but that didn’t work. I was going to try
    to uninstall-reinstall before I saw your video, but it wouldn’t let me
    because it said it was running. So again, thanks for the video. It worked

  25. Thank you for uploading it helped!

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