How To Fix Bluetooth Not Working In Windows 8.1

How To Fix Bluetooth Not Working In Windows 8.1

Follow simple steps to fix Bluetooth not working in Windows 8.1. This solution also worked for Windows 8. Other Bluetooth Solutions:…
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  1. Thank you so much! I didn’t have to re-install my drivers, just had to
    remove the passwords. You’re a legend!

  2. If you have a plug-in CSR Bluetooth adapter like the Kensington K33956Am or
    another 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0 USB CSR adapter, your solution for getting it to
    work properly with latest Windows 8.1 and updates, is to download and
    install the driver from this page:–0 because,
    after MANY hours of trying all the other supposed fixes and even using the
    Toshiba driver for a while, NOTHING works as well or as fast as this
    driver! I have 36 years of computer skills, build systems and publish
    software so I am happy to share this info. BTW, I am using this driver with
    an adapter that is NOT the Kensington but you can buy their 4.0 USB adapter
    today at for $10.

  3. thank you so much! It really helped! =) (without reinstalling the drivers)

  4. my brand new asus laptop (windows 8.1) will still not accept files from my
    samsung tablet even after trying your fixes. The laptop sees the tablet and
    can transfer files to it but not receive them. Any ideas?

  5. my Bluetooth still not set up I did all your steps I thing im missing the
    bluetooth device monitor and bluetooth OBEX service to my windows 8 can
    some one help set this up

  6. why, it didn’t work on my laptop. :(

  7. thanks for this. 2 days I have been looking for a solution to get my
    bluetooth enumberator back online.

  8. How can I figure out what my bluetooth drivers are?

  9. Please Help me
    I have this many times, but cannot find solution.
    what to do 

  10. thank you m8 now my laptop is working find

  11. Great!! It worked for me… Did not solve it for a year :P….

  12. itz still didn’t work!!

  13. Thanks for the great video! It really helped me in rehooking up my mouse
    with my tablet! Great job! :)

  14. my registry does not look like that and I have Win 8.1

  15. bende olmadı herşeyi aynı yaptım ama olmadı düzeltmesem bi zararı olurmu 

  16. Thanks for this solution! It worked perfectly!

  17. Hello, I need help. My Pc can’t Find my phones bluetooth, Im on Windows 8.
    Does this also fix it?

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