How To! – Create a System Image Backups on Windows 8.1

How To! - Create a System Image Backups on Windows 8.1

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  1. hello,
    thanks to the video. I did as u did and successfully backed up my Local
    windows drive C to my external drive G.
    how I have to restore that backup when i have a problem?
    thanks again

  2. My plan is to make sysprep Win 8.1 pro and after that to move ssd hdd to
    new UEFI bios mobo.
    If the new mobo has no option to disable UEFI bios , like many HP , is
    there any possibilities for this image be usable on the new mobo, please.

  3. I give you likes!

  4. Hi. Great video! Is it also possible to back it up to an external hard
    drive that is attached to your router? A drive also known as the NAS
    (Network Attached Storage)

  5. Cheers m8 appreciate the help

  6. Annoying voice

  7. Hi all I have done backups in win 8.1 using the powershell, the thing that
    concerns me is that my c: drive is 750GB and I’ve used 670GB, however, the
    VHDX file in the backup location is only about 200GB, is the compression
    that good??

  8. How would I know if the Backup Image it created was created without any
    errors? Is there a way to verify the Backup Image it created is without
    error so that I’m not screwed on the day that I actually need it? Thanks.

  9. I got malware on my computer that deleted bootmgr and also all of my system
    images. I cannot boot Windows at all without a disc, and I can’t restore to
    any previous image. Is there anything I can do besides getting a new hard
    drive or buying a new computer?

  10. You can still do a system image backup in 8.1 through the GUI. You go to
    control panel then select file history then in the bottom left corner there
    is a link called System Image Backup.

  11. I noticed on your video that it only backed up the system reserve which it
    did the same on mine. Shouldn’t it back up the whole 10GB in your case not
    just the system reserve?

  12. I Got same Issue Too even with the fact that i got 1TB External HD

  13. its showing insufficient space

  14. am I able to back it up to a USB Flash Drive??

  15. Microsoft remove GUI, but there is always PowerShell to do things :)

  16. What is the average time to back-up C:/ ?

  17. Can you sent be a link for your note,please?

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