How To Change Computer Administrator Password – Windows 7

How To Change Computer Administrator Password - Windows 7

If you type in [net user] [name of account] it will display all the information of that account from when it last logged on and whether if it has a password….
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  7. +MrBeasty245 I went in command prompt but it showed my login page instead
    and its zoomed in.

  8. I haven’t been able to access my computer now with two user profiles that
    both had administration accessibility one was a back up for the other but
    now not just one, but both will not load to my desktop with a error even on
    the one that has no password when i click on the user name icon that says,
    “The user profile service failed the logon user profile can not be loaded”.
    Why is this happening? Is something maybe corrupted or something missing or
    gone? I didn’t even have a password for the log on that last remaining
    admin account profile “abc”. Is there another way to access or preserve
    that account that won’t load at start up without having to go to the blue
    page with the user name icons that you click on that now won’t load through
    them? All I have now is a “guest account” but as you know i can’t access
    anything that way. I would like preserve my last remaining admin account
    “abc” that has everything assigned to it, everything that is already
    configured, arranged, and installed to it already including programs and
    shortcuts and the works. How do I access my user account, that remaining
    “abc” user profile that won’t load up now to even go to it’s associated
    desktop whenever I try to gain access to, where I have all my work saved,
    arranged, configured, everything that is order on that one, including
    programs and files and short cuts downloaded and saved to, especially when
    I now can only gain access to basically nothing only as a “guest” account
    when the only remaining user account “abc” was my one and only remaining
    administrator account and now can’t even gain access to that and won’t open
    up for me to even access or manage the computer within the “user” accounts
    folders that are held within the computer so as to gain access to anything
    even with its associated my documents, desktop, etc and all associated
    files within the user profile folder themselves within the C drive to even
    open and save to back up to say an external drive. I just don’t want to
    have to start over with having re-install everything ALL OVER AGAIN to
    another fresh new user profile, even if I can use or enable my default
    administrator as you have shown to be able to access my files that i would
    then have to transfer over to that one again. This has happened twice now.
    I just wish I can just load up “abc” profile without having to start all
    over gain, when trying to access what I have saved to its associated
    desktop. I don’t want to have to re-configure everything again onto another
    account user desktop. Is there a way to access “abc” again to get to its
    desktop what isn’t being loaded the conventional manner on start up at the
    blue screen that shows the icons? Because when i try to access it the
    normal way on start up even when it accessed it without a password I didn’t
    have for it, it says “user profile service failed the logon User profile
    cannot be loaded”. I just don’t get it.

  9. Don’t know if your around but I need your help with a real challenge

  10. interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for forgotten password
    windows try Wondsting Password Restorer Wiki( search on google ) ? Ive
    heard some amazing things about it and my cousin got amazing success with

  11. Thank you! It worked! Even in Windows 8.1!

  12. +MrBeasty245 Mine says access denied why is this??

  13. Hello . I did everything tou said to and i still can not change the
    password. Im only trying to download silverligt on a laptop i got from a
    friend who dont remember the password to allow me to download new changes.
    Can you please help me i just want to watch movies on the go lol but need
    to download a flash player. Thnx alot

  14. how can i change the password to teh admin because the computer is on a
    domain, so how will i change it? will it be liek net (domain) user or

  15. Once i typed the password and confirm, its giving “system error 5 has
    occurred” ” access denied”.

  16. mine says accesee denied… WTF? when i try to change password :(

  17. mine have problem when i am changing

  18. This definitely works!! Thanks +MrBeasty245!!

  19. How do you get into an encrypted administrator’s password?

  20. thx man (new to cmd)

  21. somebody plz help after i write down net user should i press enter or what

  22. I need help. I have a problem with my clients computer. Someone has given
    administrator password and it has also a guest account and all the
    privileges are not being accessed under guest account. Now I have entered
    into the cmd with ubuntu and able to view cmd prompt with windows system 32
    i have typed the net user command but the reply is as follows from the log
    on screen as you know better :

    [user name [password | *] [options]] [/DOMAIN]

    Now kindly let me know what is to be written in the above mentioned syntax.
    I need it very urgent as because an important project has been stopped for
    modification of administrator privilge

  23. Access is denied. -.-

  24. not bad

  25. It does not work it says system error 5 has occurred then access is

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