How to Burn a CD or DVD in Windows 8.1

How to Burn a CD or DVD in Windows 8.1

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  1. Doing it this way is dumb. I don’t want the DVD to go directly to the movie
    without a start menu like a DVD movie has. Doing it this way makes it look
    so unofficial and unprofessional. What happened to the program that was on
    windows 7? On that program you could customize the DVD start menu with
    background pictures, music and change the font of the words, etc. I truly
    wish these stupid liberals that, without a single lick of sense, continues
    to change software; getting rid of things that were good and replacing them
    with worse things, creating much worse problems in the process. They oughta
    just leave things alone that are working perfectly fine and only mess with
    the things that need fixing. STUPID MICROSOFT!

    Does anyone else feel this way?

  3. I am amazed at how ridiculously rude, immature, stupid, and downright mean
    some of the commenters are. This guy took the time to put up this tutorial,
    for free, no less, yet there are morons who responded with words like
    “dumb,” and “annoying.” What a bunch of asshats there are in this world.
    Thank you for this video – it helped me out a lot.

  4. Hey…can I burn multiple short vids from my files on a dvd…windows 8.1?
    How? Thanks for all the help from your other vids….much appreciated.
    Oh, I just want to get some info. out there…professional doesn’t matter
    here. :)

  5. you still did not answer the question i was looking for actually. i have
    used r+ and r- but they will still not play on a personal dvd player. it
    shows no data no audio but it clearly shows that the disc was burned AND it
    plays in my laptop player. perhaps you dont know the answer. thanks anyway.

  6. I followed all the steps carefully, but my DVD played only on my laptop but
    not on DVD player. I only can get AUDIO but no display on my DVD
    player…what went wrong!!!..Thanks a million.

  7. This was what I’d already done, but when I right click to burn it
    automatically dumps me back into the media player burn window and that
    gives me an error. Various online sources are telling me Media Player won’t
    burn for 8.1. Any suggestions? Or where I go to turn off Media Player
    being my default (which is what I’m guessing is happening here).

  8. Infinite appreciation my friend, thanks a lot!

  9. Great stuff…easy to use…Thanks…A++++

  10. Im trying to burn a disc on a windows 8 computer and then play it on
    another laptop (windows 7) and it comes up like a memory stick and it says
    open folder to view files and I cant play the dvd


  12. Congratulations, good for dummies!

  13. Yeah But? Its not really a DVD if it hasn’t got the DVD menu & vob
    files…..Its just for data.

  14. will this work for blu ray burning? 

  15. if this was a banter meme it would be “top notch” great tutorial well done +


  17. I have a new 8.1 Acer machine. I can’t get the CD I’ve burnt to play on my
    (or anyone else’s) TV through a DVD/Video player, It’ll only play on the
    computer. Any suggestions?

  18. Very useful short lesson how to burn a disc


  20. Simple and effective !!

  21. this is only for making data discs. They wont work on a dvd player!

  22. Thanks I am burning now but when I was dragging music files across I had no
    way to tell if I had room left so when I started burning I was informed
    that I had 17 minutes left! Is there a way to tell if there is still room
    or if you have gone over?

  23. So is that a CD or DVD?

  24. Thx it helped alot ad i never even thought of right clicking the white

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