Guide | Installing SweetFX for Watch Dogs [Windows 7/8.1]

Guide | Installing SweetFX for Watch Dogs [Windows 7/8.1]

I really hope this worked for you like it did for me! Before & After: SweetFX: Rade…
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  2. Doesn’t work, as expected

  3. I need help. I did everything the tutorial said to do, but for some reason
    I cant enable the sweetfx settings in the game, it stays the same. I tried
    reinstalling radeon pro and it still doesn’t work.

  4. for some reason, i did everything correctly, but when i press the trigger
    button, nothing happens

  5. Thanks, really good tutorial. Worked perfectly and the game looks so much

  6. iam using it for the crew and its great thanks a lot . :)

  7. its not working for me. I press scrl lock and it wont change settings. 

  8. followed exactly and the game wont start.
    Crashes before it can even open.

  9. i cannot open that radeonpro64 it craszhes i can only use 32 version and it
    didin’t worked(i have Nvidia GTX 660)

  10. Please help me
    Hello i have a question. Is there an option that i can load 2 multiple
    sweetfx folders? I mean i want to play archeage on 1.4.1 and tomb raider on
    1.5 Do i always have to go and change the root folder in radeonpro or can
    i put it so that if i launch tomb raider it will select the 1.5 sweetfx and
    for archeage the 1.4.1.?

  11. The game just crashes on Win 7

  12. i have rgmechanicks version of wd and when i press it play game crashes

  13. Do i need to open redeonPro everytime i want to play watch dogs?

  14. and do you need to start radeon pro first if you just started up your
    computer to use sweetfx?

  15. The game is crashing everytime I try to start it.

  16. thanks, i now have this stacked on top of TheWorse 1.0 and maLdo textures.
    i no longer watch porn

  17. When i select the sweet fx folder it says that there is no folder specified

  18. it worked for me but then when i tryed to open it agian when i press scrl
    lock it does not turn on

  19. wow u crashed my game thanks man!

  20. can i use this with low settings?

  21. only thing that i can do for you is subscribe. thank you fot he tutorial.
    awsome. :)

  22. I pressed the scroll lock and it said sweetfx on but nothing happened…my
    graphic card is nvidia geforce gtx 860. Help…

  23. Nice, finally my watch dogs isn’t looking like on shitty console for a
    buck! :)

  24. alright everything works perfectly theres one problem though; it constantly
    shows me my fps in the left top corner. How can I disable it? pls help:DD
    btw very nice guide thank you very much

  25. it doesn’t look nice, it looks more unrealistic and dark, JUST! Sometimes
    these kind of mods make the game a little more beautiful, not in this

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