Frame Latency Testing and Gamer’s Optimization Guide for Haswell (i5-4670k / 4690k + i7-4770k 4790k)

Frame Latency Testing and Gamer's Optimization Guide for Haswell (i5-4670k / 4690k + i7-4770k 4790k)

Hey everyone I finally got around to testing Haswell with frame latency tests for games (and for gamers) and also temperature tests and here is what I have f…
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  1. can you make a similar video for FX processors?

  2. i have an i7 4770k , 8gb 1600 , ASUS R9 280X-DC2 , MSI Z87-G43 mobo and hdd
    5400 rpm from my old laptop (no money for ssd) and i play battlefield 4 and
    some times lag i have install all the new drivers please tell me what is
    the problem.

  3. Where would i be going wrong with 4670k??? Can’t get it stable over 4.2 @
    1.25V. Running a H100i and temps dont pass high 50’s. ASUS Z87-Pro board

  4. gtx 780 ti with i5 4670k or i7 4770k?

  5. i thing i have problem when play some games on my i7 4770k one of the
    core jump at max and game start to lag for 1,2 sec can i fix this or it
    from the game (its not for all games example: lineage 2,metal gear,
    skyrim ) and when i use obs (Open Broadcaster Software) then all the game
    lags aa and when i look films (my hard disk is very old can this be the
    problem ?) TY

  6. The Haswell optimization guide is here!

  7. Thanks! it worked

  8. Stock to get 4.6ghz? impossible ;P, I am running a scythe apsalus2-90,
    which is proably similar to the antec 620 h20.

  9. I am going to buy a Haswell I5 4670k soon and klock is subtle about half a
    gigaHertz ( don´t know how to spell it correctly) I am tending to play
    games on that system and I want to klock it a little bit for some extra
    spice, I will make sure to stop by here to get some knowledge :)

  10. Need to get the latest CPU-Z (I think it is 1.64.2), 1.64.0 has problems
    displaying voltages.

  11. Bryan, I got the same board and cpu, just wondering about the killer nic
    and does the Qualcomm Atheroes Killer Network Manager program need to be
    running in order to utilize the nic properly, or do you use that program at
    all? Do you have suggestions on how to best utilize the killer nic and get
    the lowest pings?

  12. As I heard,it seems that HT shows some extra performance in gaming compared
    to i5 CPUs since the start of 2013. There was some tests i7 4770k vs i7
    4670k in Metro Last Light and 4770k performed 28% better than 4670k,in
    other CPU demanding games 4770k won for 5%,maybe 10% max but on GPU
    demanding games there was no difference. So 4770k is more future proof and
    I would suggest to you to get it. Also buy some aftermarket cooler so you
    can OC it quite a bit.

  13. Lol unfortunate, you should get some delid practice in with it then, or do
    you realise that Intel offers an overclockers insurance (assuming you
    haven’t delidded) that you could purchase for $20 and then RMA it, go check
    out their website for more details. If you can’t get that then the choice
    is yours, sell the mobo and upgrade or get another chip, I would probably
    get a cheap 3770k from microcenter if you lived close by, seems like they
    are giving out bargains all over the states 24/7

  14. I will be testing that and a lot of other things in the next month so
    stayed tuned, but I would imagine if you have a good internet connection
    and you have nothing downloading while playing the game then either having
    the program open or closed wouldn’t make a difference.

  15. Nice level to be at.

  16. I like that your are happy will haswell because i order a 4670k for my
    build which is still arriving in at my house. I should have all the parts
    by Monday. I was thinking about the 3770k but choose 4670k.

  17. what is “RING BUS”?

  18. Love ya work man! Just got my new cpu fan this morning so time to fit and
    do some overclockin! Gonna go for 4.4ghz with my 4670k i5 I reckon

  19. thanks for the tip

  20. Hey man thanks for watching, how you been?

  21. Use fraps to record frame times then I use excel to get all the data into a
    graph using formulas.

  22. Yeah I have a complete playlist with tutorials and overclocking,

  23. :) (By replace i mean str8 replace fried it going for 5 ghz ) left it at
    that speed a weee bit to long (overvolted) :) thanks vids are informative

  24. Fine tuning, that’s something the other reviewers never touch. Very
    interesting, keep it up. xD

  25. I have mine i5 4670k at 4.4 Ghz and 1.13V but in CPU-Z it says that my core
    Voltage is 0.880V? what’s going on here?

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