Fallout 3 Windows 8.1 Fix Tutorial

Fallout 3 Windows 8.1 Fix Tutorial

This is a Fallout 3 tutorial fix for windows 8.1 All Links: steamcommunity.com/app/22370/discussions/0/864956555011164413/ xbox.com/en-CA/L…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. its only opening in windowed mode for me now

  2. Fallout 3 just crashed after I finished need help….

  3. Damn well ha I’m mad. I just downloaded this game on steam waiting about 16
    hours for the game to download I looked at you other review before this
    window update video I gave up on trying to run the game and deleted the
    game -_- so now I have to wait another 16 hours which would be 32 hours and
    yeah shit but hey now I know thanks for your review 

  4. Hoping enb will work like fallout new vegas now that I can play without

  5. Hope I can mod my game effectively with these changes.

  6. It won’t install for me.

  7. thank you so much it worked.

  8. does it work also for fallout 3 but not GOTY edition??

  9. Thank you very much for this tutorial! The Fallout 3 help page did not help
    with this problem whatsoever so as I said earlier, thank you very much for
    this tutorial as my Fallout 3 is now up and running perfectly.

  10. Wow, you’re the man. You get a Sub from me, a thumbs up, and mad respect. I
    know that being able to play Fall Out 3 on my pc is a much better gift in
    consideration to the above mentioned but, respect nonetheless. Thank you!

  11. HOLY SHIT MAN THANK YOU. you are awesome thank you so much for helping me
    to play one of my favorite franchies. Thank you auto subbed :)

  12. did everything in this video and it didn’t work it still says failed to
    initialize rendered unknown error creating the Gamebryo rendered after i
    click play

  13. i started the launcher up and it loaded everything then i pressed to start
    a game and it crashed :/ can you help plz

  14. For me the launcher wont work it says ” Fallout 3 does not appear to be
    installed and the installer could not be found. Try exploring to your
    DVD-ROM drive and selecting setup.exe to install the game.”

    Although if I click on the game and not the launcher/steam it works
    perfectly. But I cant install mods or enable DLC’s.

  15. Where do I find this page on steam

  16. To be honest I thought I would never get this running. But I took my time
    and followed your instructions and first try it ran. Thank you for your

  17. There is no Fallout3 File when i go to my documents… Help?

  18. Thank you so much 

  19. do we need to say what our graphics card is or no

  20. Thank you, you are a life saver dang I thought I’d never be able to play
    this wonder bad ass game Hahh 😀 

  21. thank you for existing

  22. How do I get it in windowed mode

  23. This still does not work for me after trying it for 10 times… 


  25. I don’t actually own Fallout 3 yet, but I hope to get the GOTY edition on
    Christmas. So excite!

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