eliminar virus lollipop windows 7 y windows 8

eliminar virus lollipop windows 7 y windows 8

Cómo quitar el molesto virus/troyano Lollipop del ordenador gratis en windows 7 y windows 8 , sin descargar ningún programa. Se dedica a sacar ventanas emerg…
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Question by Michael: How do you rate Windows XP and Windows 7 on the scale 1 –10 ?
Is Windows 7 much better than Windows XP ?

Best answer:

Answer by winton_holt
XP was around forever. 7 is much better than Vista. XP was fine for all those years, but hundreds of updates. 7 has fewer updates and I have grown to prefer it to XP, sleeker interface and a logical progression of forward change.

You’ll still have old-schoolers clinging to their XP boxes refusing change.


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  1. no me aparese lolipop :c


  3. encuentro muchas archivos con este nombre:
    {CDF418E6-1086-4D62-B5AB-23ADBE314C63} También el de lollipop, que ya lo he
    eleminado. ¿Debo de eleminar los anteriores los que he puesto arriba?
    Además ahora también me aparece en otra página repetidamente que debo de
    actualizar flash player pero estoy segura de que es un troyano ya que al
    final del url pone false. Y también una lupita a lado de imagenes en
    internet. En fin que tengo todo problemas :C

  4. lo e hecho todo

  5. oye por k se me vuelven a abrir ventanas? umm… otra vez noooo por favor
    si alguien sabe que hacer ayudaa

  6. muchisimas gracias, sos un crack me suscribo

  7. oye he estado mirando y queria que me dijeras si eliminar la
    carpeta 33.0.1750.154 y 33.0.1750.146

  8. mucho obrigado

  9. Like y Suscribe , Gracias :D

  10. creo que tengo un problema mayor…debo tener varios virus :((
    no puedo entrar a muchas carpetas..están transparentes y no dejan entrar 

  11. he hecho todo llego a la ventana le doy a eliminar y no me deja eliminarlo
    porque dice que hay algun archivo abierto y tengo todo cerrado

  12. Muchas graciaas!! Eres un crack!

  13. oyee ami no me deja entrar a la carpeta c ayudameestoy artao :(

  14. Te juro que vi muchos videos y busque info y no encontraba como asta que vi
    tu video, GRACIAS !

  15. Hola. ¿Por qué teniendo la versión gratuita de Avast, este no inhibió a al
    virus? Tenía entendido que el Avast era un buen antivirus. ¿Cuál me
    recomendarías entonces?

  16. Mil gracias, me llevaba de cabeza el dichoso virus, estoy muy agradecida y
    por supuesto suscrita.

  17. tengo el windows 8 y no hay el lollipop no se encuantra ni un nombre de eso
    hise todos los pasos pero no hay esa carpeta ayuda

  18. a mi no me deja eliminar, me sale un mensaje diciendo: la accion no se
    puede completar porque lollipop tiene abierto el archivo, como hago?

  19. una pregunta ya ise todo eso i no me encontré la carpeta de Lollipop pero
    la de appdata si pero la otra no por que 

  20. ayudame porfavor mira esque cuando lo voy a borrar me pone que lo estoy
    utilizando pero no lo utilizo y no me deja borrarlo

  21. tengo el windows 7 hice todos los pasos y me siguen saliendo que hago tio?

  22. Hola ya hice lo que viene en el vídeo pero no me aparece la carpeta
    lollipop, los anuncios igual me aparecen más en youtube, qué puedo hacer?

  23. Muchisisisisisisisisisisisimas gracias! Me sirvió mucho! Saludos desde
    Argentina! c:

  24. gracias… broder… una masa…

  25. gracias !! lo elimine tal cual como lo dijiste !!!

  26. hmmm.. XP gets a 7 from me
    windows 7.. hmm.. it has improvements but also not a fan of the networking and some other changes.. though it was a bit of an improvement so ill give it 8

    im easily pleased though

  27. xp=5

    vista= 7

    windows 7= 9

  28. well first off windows in general is crap, but i would says windows 7 would be better, especially beacuse microsoft just cut off support for xp, vista had a few too many bugs.
    now im going to suggest that if you want a real computer that wont crap out on you, and doesnt cost a small fortune to upgrade, go for a mac.

  29. Windows XP was made to run with a CPU like 926Mhz, it takes 60% less ram than Win7, and around 1 year ago, it was the most compatible OS with software/apps/games.

    Windows 7 on the other hand, runs much better with multy-core CPUs. The system uses around 1Gb and it puts it to good use. And thanks to SP1 now it is the best OS on the market for gaming performance and compatibility.

    Windows XP -> 6
    Windows 7 -> 8.9

  30. Windows XP – 6
    Windows Vista – 4
    Windows 7 – 8

  31. windows xp is the best operating system microsoft has ever made

    and windows 98 is faster than both vista and 7

  32. Xp 8
    7 2

  33. Windows 7 is somewhat more stable and has a more modern interface, although I have to admit I have turned off some of the visual effects and make Windows 7 run with an interface more like XP used to look. Regardless of how you use it, Windows 7 is a better choice now, because software developers are writing their software with it in mind, rather than XP. Also, Microsoft is going to stop providing security updates for XP in July of 2014, so for that reason, it’s better to switch to 7 sooner rather than later.

    Windows XP has had a very long history; it’s been around nine years now. I avoided it at first because of some bugs and compatibility issues. After the first service pack, though, it became the best Windows version ever produced. It’s still pretty viable today. If you asked me to rate it on a scale, it depends on the time frame. In 2002, it was about a 4. By 2005, it was an 8, maybe even 9. Today, it’s still a 7 because it’s still very good, if old. I still use XP on my laptop.

    Windows 7 was pretty good right out of the box, because it’s basically a refinement of Vista, and all of the bugs were worked out during Vista’s history. Windows 7 is to Vista what Windows 98 was to Windows 95, essentially a much improved and refined version of the original. I would give it an 8 right now, because it is the most modern version of Windows you can buy.

  34. I think Windows 7 is better than both XP and Vista and XP is better than Vista too.

  35. I never had xp but windows 7 is crap..everything is breaking all the time..I use it for a week then have to spend 3-4 days repairing it..the updates are useless(even service pack 1) unless you count the security updates which you wouldn’t need unless you have a windows OS(operating system)..I would forget windows if I were you(I wish I could) Also their ready to abandon 7(us again) & move on to 8 which means xp may not even be supported at that point..right now their focused on “cloud computing” microsoft needs to get their head out of the clouds and address their problematic OS that we already paid for.. why should we have to learn program codes, patches, broken extensions / applications, search for missing files then find the folder empty and the list just goes on.. Don’t get me wrong microsoft is so not stupid – Their greedy..They could fix their OS if they wanted to but then who would buy their next greatest thing. Microsoft should be embarrassed and ashamed..AND their wasting billions of man power hours world wide ..and it’s for that lack of consideration for all of our wasted time that they’ve made up my mind for me.,I’m switching to apple as soon as I can afford to or linux if I can’t……and it’s not a virus unless you count the win maximizer virus that just won’t go away along with all the useless advice microsoft dishes out …FIX IT NOW microsoft !
    oh yeah ., that stopped working too : (

    So., XP or windows 7 ? ..In my exhaustive experience with the windows BS(oops, I meant BS)
    I would have to say neither ….An abacus(2700–2300 BC) would be a step up.
    ..even on your 1-10 scale @ 1 your expectations are set to high.
    Microsoft just doesn’t care….IF they wanted to they could fix the problem PLUS make more money than they ever thought possible. BIllions of people would become loyal subscribers and be able to go on to live happy and productive lives (or at least they would be very relieved ) and it wouldn’t cost microsoft a dime.. Here’s how
    It sounds like you already have xp so your probably familiar with windows updates
    OK, now imagine a microsoft world where instead of just scanning your computer for updates (& more/which is already an invasion)….they actually did something useful like scan the OS/BS for missing or misspelled code ..WOW! everything would actually work and we would finally get some free time ..I think I’d have a puppy. I think we’d all have a puppy-an expression of elation/opposite of “WINDOWS DEPRESSION” which at Microsoft’s rate could soon become a recognized medical term..I can’t come in to work/school today I’ve got windows real bad..so I call the doctor and he asks what the symptoms are., red watery eyes, stiff neck, cold sweats, white knuckle, I feel like throwing up and it’s a real pain in the., well it only sounds like a joke..microsoft gets it and I get it so who kidding who? IT’S GREED = they don’t care.
    But if they wanted to start caring tomorrow this is what they can do…Understand that every person doesn’t need to learn program code they just need it to work. Just like we don’t need to study architecture to go into a building or be required to attend a 6 year collage before we are allowed emergency brain surgery. Most people have acquired certain skills they can do better than others. Collectively this forms a functioning society. So if they just scanned their own OS that would keep it from jumping track at every turn(even on the simplest downloads) Of course what’s not being done isn’t helping any of us but if someone forwards this post to microsoft I have an effective solution that I’d be willing to discuss and also a background in engineering.
    The best advice I could offer – if you have xp and it works I would not change a thing.

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