Downgrade windows 8 to Windows 7 Acer Aspire E1-531

Downgrade windows 8 to Windows 7 Acer Aspire E1-531

In this video you could see how to fix 1. convert GBT to MBR 2. UEFI to Legacy Bios (for you to boot on DVD) This apply to ACER particularly Aspire E1-531 Downgrade from windows 8 to windows…
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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, You are Great.

  2. thancks man,it worcks

  3. thanks this works for me

  4. thanks, helped me a lot.

  5. I bought an E1-521 model with the same issue and wanted to run a recovery
    cd to clean out malware. I checked Acer’s website (no solution) and forums
    and you were linked to from
    … Great Job and Thank you!

  6. You are my guru :)
    thx for this

  7. I Downgraded windows 8 to Windows 7 for an Acer Aspire E 14 and I have two
    issues: first I Can not project a second monitor or extended desktop and,
    second the Fn keyboard doesnt work at all, Do you have any kind of

  8. Basic problem: Secure Boot! A.K.A., “Microsoft does not want you to change
    the system and install Linux (or anything which did not come with it).”

    If you can turn off secure boot, then you should be able to alter anything
    else. Some systems do not allow you to turn secure boot off. If you change
    to Legacy mode, you cannot use GPT drives. Without GPT drives, you cannot
    use UEFI boot images (and have to use MBR boot images) nor secure boot.

    Both Windows 7 & 8 (and all modern Linux Distributions) are capable of
    using legacy (MBR) and UEFI (GPT) boot images (and secure boot).

    The problem is that with Win8 already loaded with UEFI image and secure
    boot enabled, Win8 will not let you mess with its ability to boot (ie., it
    will not let you boot something else and replace it). By disabling UEFI
    mode, Win8 secure boot will fail, allowing you to boot from CD.

    However, since you booted Win7 in legacy mode, it cannot install itself
    onto a GPT drive. This drive needs to be reformatted in MBR mode first.
    However, this means that Win7 will be installed in legacy (MBR) mode.

    Alternately, you can delete the EFI (ESP, where boot images are stored) and
    Windows (in your cse, the ACER Primary, where OS is installed) partitions.
    This will remove Win8. Go back into the BIOS, enable UEFI, reboot, install
    Win7 (or your favorite Linux distro) and it will install in UEFI mode (and
    with secure boot if enabled).

  9. THanks a lot you save my life !!
    i use the diskpart -> listdisk -> select disk -> clean exit in the command
    prompt from the cd

  10. thanks, works fine for me.


  12. Uling Cyril can you tell me how to downgrade from windows 8.1 to windows
    xp, on my acer aspire E1-531G?
    When I insert a bootable flash usb or an bootable dvd with windows xp i
    select to boot from it and after it appears a few dots on the screen,
    windows 8.1 is opening normaly. I also changed the ASCP to IDE, but it’s
    the same effect. Please answer with a solution, i really need windows xp on
    the laptop

  13. Hi,
    Hope you can help.
    I am new to Acer and just bought the aspire e3112 model.
    I deleted all partitions, i have changed UEFI to Legacy.
    When i click on only partition remaining like many times in past installing
    windows on any laptop we owned i had no issues.
    But all i get now is “We couldn’t create a new partition or locate an
    existing one”
    I am trying to install Win 8.1, but would it work if i tried installing Win
    I am lost and no working laptop which is brand new.
    Please help.
    Thank you

  14. This is helpful and excellent explanation. Great job done here! you solved
    my problem.

  15. Thanks man!!! But are you English or American? (I’m brazilian and I’m
    learning English. If there is any thing wrong, reply-me please :-P)

  16. can i have this on acer e5-411 series??

  17. Thank you so much!!! worked for me :)

  18. Thankyou for sharing 😉 Godbless

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  20. THANK YOU VERY MUCH I felt so good when it finally worked you just got a
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