DayZ Standalone – AMD FPS Fix (Also relevant on Intel)

DayZ Standalone - AMD FPS Fix (Also relevant on Intel)

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  1. @Derp Topkek – You have made your comment unable to have responses posted,
    very interesting that you would do that. If you hadn’t noticed the complete
    instructions are in the description. The reason we make videos is to show
    people how to do these things, this however is the only one I ever made of
    this subject and I have done so only because the rest of the videos out
    there at the time were not effective on AMD machines. The amount of views
    and praise this video has suggests I was right to make it. Youtube tends to
    be the place people look for these things as well, it’s much easier to get
    a video noticed than a written article for such things. Have a think about
    what you’ve said – I agree that the instructions should always be written
    for those who do not want to watch, which is why I have done this. 

  2. @FlameBite658- I don’t know why you’ve disabled the ability to comment back
    to you when you’ve directly asked a question but I hope you and anyone that
    sees your post also sees this one. I couldn’t comment on what the 7950 does
    with this game now 11 months on (this video is almost a year old). At the
    time this fix was needed, there may have been updates to the game that now
    mean our higher end gfx cards actually work on this game although your
    30/40fps is not what I’d call playable on this game. The game has visuals
    that look nearly 8 years old so the chances are it’s maybe not just a gfx
    problem would which be supported by the test I ran at the time whereby I
    overclocked my cpu (6350) to 4.5ghz / 5ghz to check if performance in this
    game went up (it did considerably, can’t remember how many fps but I didn’t
    really want to run my cpu that hot for one game.) Anyway, as you can see
    from the largely positive responses I’ve had, other people with pc’s on the
    same level as yours and higher are coming to this video. That alone proves
    that the game is not working for a lot of people with machines that can run
    the most demanding games. Secondly a lot of people have reported an fps
    boost with cards that are better than yours from doing this. I don’t
    disagree that this hasn’t worked for you and that your card is playing the
    game at 30fps but for pc gaming; 30fps generally stutters a lot. This video
    was made in the interest of helping people to play the game without wanting
    to turn it off because of how jittery it looked. I’m sorry that you don’t
    share my opinion on this but your comment suggests more on a difference of
    opinion in what fps actually constitutes playable.

  3. if i have intel core i7 4710mq how much i put in cpu count??

  4. Just got an AMD PC and found out that I love DayZ… AMD vs Intel… I dont
    know anymore

  5. Could be useful for me my core i5 2400 is equivalent to an fx 8150

  6. Should I Buy DayZ? (Standalone Review) – If you are thinking of buying DayZ
    and want to know if it is right for you and your pc be sure to watch this
    video I’ve made which gives an in-depth review and advice on whether or not
    the game is right for you. – Be sure to thumbs this up so others watching
    the video can see.

    Thanks guys.

  7. are you stupid you have a 7950 and you’re lowering your graphics? my 7870
    maxes out this game completely at 30fps average but i tweak it anyways so i
    can get about 40fps agerage in middle of electro


  9. My FPS did not get higher it just stabilised it to a solid 30 FPS which is
    great for me with everything you told me to do.
    If anyone wants to know my specs are AMD FX-4100 CPU & AMD Radeon HD 7770
    thanks for the video.

  10. Ive put everything down to the lowest it could go… 8-10FPS in a town,
    20-28 in the forest
    Everything on ULTRA…. 5FPS in towns 20-24 in the forest.
    Is it because its in alpha? because the same thing happens when I play arma

  11. Well i dont know if you notice but he record videos.

  12. Any update on this since you´ve uploaded the video?

  13. Man I am running an overclocked FX6300 with a R9 280X gpu and 16gb of ram.
    I have followed this to the letter (6 cores for my cpu, 16,348 for memory),
    etc and I’ve gone from 25FPS in open terain and 10FPS in towns to 25FPS in
    open terain and 10FPS in towns…no change. I wish these tweak guides
    worked for everyone. Thanks anyway man. :)

  14. You all should downlaod AMD CPU/GPU Tweak program for AMD cards ,download
    it from oficial web only . It’s helps you PC cards work faster .

  15. When I join a server it tells me unknown game version then it kicks me? Any

  16. Thanks so much! i have an amd 8 core and it is really tough to work right
    with some games and i tried everything until your tutorial! now my game is
    definitely playable compared to before! thanks a bunch!

  17. My god bro you are a genius :)

  18. I using an HP Pavilion AMD 8 processor 8gb ram 1tb memory and this worked a
    charm. I was stuck at 12fps (Shocking) and this brought me up to 28-30fps. 

  19. nice of you to share this, whether it works or not. To be honest though,
    all this blubber about graphics cards being better than one-another….
    It’s the processor that causes the issues.. because in the case of
    processors, AMD’s are total shit to use, but mainly because of minimal
    support. AMD and Nvidia graphics cards are awesome. I use both, and I
    probably prefer my R9 290x because Manlte is everything AMD said it would
    be, and there’s no chance the gtx 770 in my other machine runs bf4 as well
    as the R9 290x. It all boils down to support, at the end of the day….
    Nvidia’s are the best alrounder but that aint gonna be the case in a few
    years :p consoles drive a developers devotion to which architecture to
    develop on, and the spotlight is now on AMD.

  20. Worked for me… Thanks, 30 fps towns and citys… 60fps everywhere else…
    R9 270x oc… fx 6300 @ 4.1ghz must admit….. makes long range combat a
    lil tricky as things kinda blur into a mess of un-renderd shapes… but a
    stable improvement… no more random fps drops as low as 8fps

  21. i dont have dayz other profile folder help please

  22. i dont know if this videos is to old but i have a amd radeon 270x and i run
    30 fps and 15 when im in svet someone help me if you can.

  23. dude i tryed what u said and i did not get a single fps more whats going on

  24. hora plezzzz

  25. Would this be fine to play this with…??

    Intel Core i5-4690K
    Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming 5
    ASUS R9 290 DirectCU II OC
    Pamięci RAM 2x 4GB G.Skill 2133 MHz CL9

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