Como formatar um PC e instalar o windows 7 (atualizado)

Como formatar um PC e instalar o windows 7 (atualizado)

Formatação do windows 8/ Configurando a bios para a formatação apartir de um cd, dvd ou pen Windows 7 Ult…
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Question by lord_of_pop: can i install windows xp while keeping windows 7?
hi guys
i have HP laptop with windows 7 ultimate 64bit installed on , but am facing to many programms that could not be run on it , so am planning to install windows xp on other disk partion , but am afried that i lose the windows 7 , coz of the boot file
is it bossible , any one tried it before?

Best answer:

Answer by Smudge
Yes but you’ll need to partition your hard drive then install the other OS on it

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  12. Ae mano muito bom o seu tutorial porém é a primeira vez que vou formatare
    talvez é muito obvia minha pergunta, mas os drivers já vem todos instalados
    quando baixo o windows? Vlw e por favor responde :)

  13. quando ele reinicia,aparece windows boot manager,ai tem 2 opçoes(windows8 e
    windows setup) eu coloco no windows setup e nao vai,ai eu vou no windows 8
    e continua meu windows normal,oque eu faço?

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  15. e os drivers?

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  17. Ótimo vídeo, consegui formatar direitinho seguindo seus passos. Só tive que
    ativar o boot antes. Então você não sabe o nome da música? Gostei demais.

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  22. Cara eu preciso usar o virtualbox ou é só reiniciar o computador e pronto ?
    que vai aparecer tudo aquilo ? ( por favor responde urgente )

  23. vc precisa do cd da placa mae

  24. mano o meu deu um erro assim : o windows não pode ser instalado nesse
    disco. O hardware do computador pode não oferecer suporte a inicialização
    neste disco. Verifique se o computador de disco esta habilitado no meu bios
    do computador .

  25. Éeeeeeeeee cara vc me ajudo eeeeeeeeee vlw mesmo.

  26. yes you can

  27. Install and use Windows XP Mode in Windows 7

    Using Windows XP Mode, you can run programs that were designed for Windows XP on computers running Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions.

    Windows XP Mode works in two ways—both as a virtual operating system and as a way to open programs within Windows 7. Windows XP Mode runs in a separate window on the Windows 7 desktop, much like a program, except it’s a fully functional version of Windows XP. In Windows XP Mode, you can access your physical computer’s CD/DVD drive, install programs, save files, and perform other tasks as if you were using a computer running Windows XP.

    When you install a program in Windows XP Mode, the program appears in both the Windows XP Mode list of programs and in the Windows 7 list of programs, so you can open the program directly from Windows 7.

    ( Lord 5 stars to my answer, hehehe……! just kidding )
    Good Bless it.

  28. This guide tells you ‘How to dual boot Windows 7 and Windows XP’ with Windows 7 installed first. This case is applicable for users who have Windows 7 pre-installed on ‘C’ and want to install XP on their ‘D’ partition.
    The process for this is same as we did for Windows XP & Vista. Follow the simple steps below to install XP after Windows 7.
    1) Make a clean Install of Windows XP on ‘D’ partition of your hard drive. Assuming, Windows 7 is installed on ‘C’ partition.
    2) After restarting system, you will directly boot into Windows XP. That’s because XP writes its bootloader over Windows 7. So, we need to restore the Win 7 bootloader.
    3) To restore 7, you need to Boot from the Windows 7 DVD and “Repair your computer”. Check this article “How to Perform a Startup Repair in Windows 7” to perform repair.
    4) After repairing, your system will restart and boot into Windows 7.
    5) Download and Install EasyBCD on your Windows 7 to add boot entry for XP.
    6) Launch the app and go to Add/Remove Entries. Under “Add an Entry” open the Windows tab and select the Type as “Windows NT/2k/XP/2k3”.
    Give it a name like ‘Windows XP’ and click on ‘Add Entry’. Then select Save.
    That’s it. Now restart you PC and you’ll be presented with two options, Windows 7 and Windows XP. Select the one which you want to work on.

    For More Information and help related to windows 7 issues

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