Closer look at Cortana on Windows Phone 8.1

Closer look at Cortana on Windows Phone 8.1

A closer look at Cortana on Windows Phone 8.1. Head to our site for more info!
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  1. So if i have this phone for more than 8 years is it going to start freaking
    the fuck out?

  2. When does this come out for uk? Lumia 925 

  3. That didn’t really sound like Jen Taylor :( I’m hoping for loads of easter
    eggs in this, as you maybe can tell from my profile picture lol.

  4. By the way folks if you are in Canada and wanted to use Cortana you are out
    of luck. No Cortana on Canadian carriers for now. 

  5. It should have Cortanas voice!!

  6. Jen Taylor needs to get her ass in the studio and start recording do the
    real Cortana voice is ready by the time of the 8.1 official release.

  7. Anybody knows how to make the games not appear with the other apps when you
    swipe right?

  8. When is Windows 8.1 coming out for Verizon Customers? We keep getting the
    run around by Microsoft and Verizon when inquiring.

  9. Did anybody know how can i scan a QR Code on 8.1???? 

  10. dude download 6tag its better then the beta of instagram for windows :p

  11. I updated to the new update and when i press the search button it opens the
    same thing bing and i try holding the windows button but that was removed
    how i can activate cortana

  12. Does trip planner do more than airline info? I travel a lot, but not by
    plane. Is that all controlled by nav?

  13. @David Redford It is out in the UK because I have it, you have to be part
    of the developer program to get the update now.

  14. will my lumia 1020 ever get Windows 8.1????

  15. Easter eggs I found so far:

    Do you like Google Now

    who is better siri or you

    do you like Apple

    do you like Google

    do you like Bill Gates

    do you love me ?

    what do you think about Microsoft

    what do you eat

    fu*k you



    have a good night

    who is your creator

    you’re so sweet

    do you like windows

    do you like iOS

    do you like android

  16. what nokia model is that?it’s beautiful…

  17. @Gral Zerato No that is most definitely not a 920 (I have one) I think it
    is the 1320 (?)

  18. Q : when u say windows 8.1 u mean lumia black ???
    or this updating coming soon ?? ^_^

  19. What Nokia Phone is that?

  20. Ive downloaded windows phone 8.1 , Ive got everything but I HAVENT GOT
    CORTANA!!! I dunno why i havent got cortana. I downloaded it on my lumia

  21. skip the bullshit 5:24 . You’re welcome

  22. @SkatesHD windows phone 8.1 came out in the UK yesterday which I upgraded
    to but no Cortana. Can only assume the original stories of it being out
    sometime from August this year onwards. Will be fun when it is out.

  23. Супер! Кто на русском – лайк ;-)

  24. @Hawk_v90 hell yes! Would pay for that!

  25. nice video Daniel and loving word flow

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