CD drive not detected: Windows 7 fix

CD drive not detected: Windows 7 fix

Thumbs up! and Subscribe!! This is a small tutorial of solving the case of a CD drive not being detected on the “My Computer” screen voiding it from working …
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  1. To those the tutorial didn’t work could try this.


    1. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesatapi
    2. Right-click “atapi”, pick “New” -> “Key”
    3. Write “Controller0” and press Enter
    4. Right-click that and choose “New” -> “DWORD-arvo (32-bit).”
    5. Write “EnumDevice1” and press Enter
    6. Right-click and “Modify”
    7. Change the value number in the box to “1”, press Ok
    8. Close the program and Restart the computer.

  2. I did this and now not only does it still not show up, the lower class
    filter is still deleted even after restart. great.

    EDIT: I should also add, there was no upper filter to begin with. This is
    fucking great, I can’t get registry stuff back, right? Should have warned
    us to back it up. 

  3. Great fix! worked real well, seems like I had to do this often on another
    laptop computer awhile back. Now i see the drive in my computer icon screen
    and it’s playing a dvd now. Thanks to all you tech guys for doing these
    videos. You save me a lot of grief,headache and money :) love ya!!

  4. Amazing. I was getting a driver corrupt error 38 And its a Microsoft
    problem all along. This worked but I had to do it twice. I am wrapped cause
    I hate windows 8 and don’t want to buy a new laptop because that’s all
    there is. I didn’t understand why it was working last week and now all of a
    sudden has a driver error. More than likely a ploy by a MS update to fool
    people into thinking their system is failing and “upgrade” to a windows 8
    machine loaded with underground gov. spyware. Google runs in background now
    and reports all activity to “mother brain” anyway. Google cached over 5 GB
    of activity on my hard disk that was not related to viewable history or
    bookmarks and downloads. Thats bullshit. I don’t know what it was I just
    deleted it.Did not seem to affect the browser.

  5. my keyboard now DOES NOT WORK

  6. Many thanks for uploading this. I was pulling my hair out as I couldn’t get
    me drive to work. Though all working now. Cheers

  7. took me damn near all day tryin to figure out what the hell was wrong. i
    swore on my life my friend messed it up. lol. glad i found your tutorial.

  8. Mine has no upper or lower filter but still won’t read my music CDs

  9. Works fine for me!! Many thanks!!!

  10. Ok everything you said is working great but after i press delete the
    warning tap comes up i press yes to delete another tap comes up saying
    error deleting values unable to delete all specified values. Please help

  11. I didn’t have any upper or lower filters to start with in my W7, so it
    didn’t work.

  12. Plz help me i dont have eny of lowefilters or lowerfilter enyway dunno why
    and my cd-rom dosint work enyway help 

  13. Why there is a water sound in the background :’)

  14. there’s no lower filter. so nothing to delete///

  15. theres no upper and lower filters

  16. I did everything what you did and I got to the point of looking for upper
    filters and lower and those weren’t a option?

  17. Have a Dell laptop with Windows 7 and tried to use my DVD player today and
    it wasn’t recognized by the system. Searched for a solution.

    Your fix was exactly what was needed and the DVD player is working normally.

    Thank you for your efforts. Greatly appreciated.

  18. Hey i hope you can help me, my bios says lecture optique none, i tried all
    i knpw and nothing works, any ideas?? Thank guys

  19. there’s no lower filter.. :(

  20. This was an excellent tutorial, I followed your instructions to a T and lo
    and behold I have a working CD drive again.
    Many thanks for the fix.

  21. It worked for me, thank you! Very strange why I had lost the DVD drive in
    the 1st place, as it was fine before I had to uninstall and re-install

  22. But did you ever fix your closet?

  23. When you tell people to delete keys from the Windows Registry you should
    Always have them back up the Registry before touching anything. Your fix is
    ok and you’ve helped a lot of people but as a teacher you may want to
    consider revising your fix to include the Registry back up. Just good
    practice and can save someone a lot of heart ache should they accidently
    hit the wrong key. The Registry is no joke to play around with….

  24. yep!!it’s useful video !! thnk u it’s really works :)

  25. Doesn’t work at all. Disliked.

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