[4K Video] Battlefield 4 Patch Notes, Future Optimization, i5 vs i7, and Windows 8 (BF4 Gameplay)

[4K Video] Battlefield 4 Patch Notes, Future Optimization, i5 vs i7, and Windows 8 (BF4 Gameplay)

I rendered this in 3840 × 2160. Those with a 4K display, please provide feedback on the video quality. ▻Subscribe! goo.gl/E2DgF ▻My Gaming Gear: http:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. The PS4 and Xbox One part… Never laughed so hard before…
    this divination.
    At the end, almost every multiplatform game runs in a higher resolution and
    with better graphichs on PS4 

  2. win 8 is good

  3. i had windows 7 it was pretty fast but when i install windows 8 than its
    more faster than 7.

  4. 4K video? wtf?

  5. btw very informative video good job.

  6. Graphics still not as good as Wolf 3d 0/10

  7. this is what keeps peoples away from the pc gaming in the first place
    it is unacceptable that you pay for a cpu as much as an console and are
    forced to run game in medium to get a decent frame this is big shame
    fuck their partnership AMD Intel or nividia i don’t care it just hurt

  8. did you disable resample on the video clip?

  9. Most people do not hate windows 8 just to hate. I personally like the look
    of windows 7 better, windows looks much to simple to me, not the tiles
    thing, for example, the icon backgrounds are one solid color… also i hate
    windows 8 because microsoft is able to make direct x 11.2 available for
    windows 7 but they dont to try and sell windows 8, which makes me hate
    windows8, im fine with windows 8 existing, ill just not “upgrade” it is a
    good os since it is cheaper than windows 7 but since because of windows8 i
    cant use direct x 11.2, i hate windows 8.

  10. hey there, great video as always. Uh just got a quick question.. I built my
    brothers rigg the other day. got an i7 4770 k , gtx 780 etc. The thing is
    that I got massive fps lagg and stuttering in bf4 and assassins creed 4.
    have tried updating bf4, unparking cores etc. any ideas what the problem
    might be?

  11. I have an i5 3230M intel core, windows 8 and a Gt nvidia 640 ( something
    along those lines ) How well will BF4 play on my Laptop? ( yes its a
    laptop: Acer Aspire v3 771g ) Thanks :)

  12. Google “mantle dice”. The devs of BF4 HATE Direct X (including 11.2)
    because it is horrible. Low level API’s are coming which will give you
    console like optimization for games. If you have a 7000 series AMD GPU or
    up you won’t even be using Direct X in December. Nvidia is sure to counter
    with an open GL, or “mantle” that will be better then Direct X 11.1/2. What
    does this mean? It makes Windows 8 pointless unless you actually like the
    GUI (LOL). Win 7 has support until 2020. If you want to waste 100-150 bucks
    on Win 8, which has a memory leak, mouse problems, and a backdoor to the
    NSA? Have fun with that. If still on 7? Unpark cores, update Net Framework
    for now. Spend the money on hardware not crappy software.

  13. I have nothing against 8, and I will upgrade eventually, but buying 8 soley
    for BF4 when windows 7 still has some mileage left seems silly to me

  14. Very nice video, i love the format and information. Keep it up :)

  15. 4770k/660Sli/2560x1440p/Windows8 I’m ready for this shit.

  16. I’ve got a single 7970ghz and run this at 1080p max settings and anti
    aliasing with no props between 50-60fps so I don’t know why your all crying
    your 780 won’t run it past 30? Of course it will no sweat

  17. ssd improves loading time. Of course if your pc is old a ssd will help the
    cpu usage but I was noticing that when I had a Core 2 Duo then. That’s it.

  18. it’s a lot faster period. Not been a secret it’s just not been so obvious
    until now.

  19. Hey David! I just built a computer a few days ago, it has a 4th Gen i5
    4670, Radeon HD 7950 Vapor X, and 8gb ram(i have 32 bit so only 3.4gb can
    be used) do you think my PC will handle BF4 without lag if I can run all
    other games with the highest settings?

  20. It is just me or this channel always have long comments lol. Btw nice video

  21. Really good video, I really like the win7 interface and is the only thing
    stopping me from getting win8. If what you said is true (about downloading
    something making it just like win7’s interface) then I probably will
    upgrade. Thanks for a great video and keep making more BF4 stuff! Also what
    is your pc cpecs?

  22. Would you recommend a 7990 or a gtx 770 and Sli in the future? I hear amd
    has more microstuttering…So i dont want a 7990 if it will stutter bad.
    sli has not as many near the issues from what i hear. but..amd paid
    dice..So..Which would YOU do if you were building a new PC. Oh. Also. amd
    8350 fx. Or i7 3770k. Thanks man!

  23. Happy Birthday!

  24. okay thanks.

  25. People on the internet, man.

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